8.5″ : F/8

Been a good 20 days or more since I brought home the mirror and the grit .. and now I realise my scope plans were but ambitious.. It din’t take me more than a couple of hours into this to realise that Grinding your mirror is a sweaty , dirty job…But it’s part of the game and if you play it well enough – you’ll end up with an instrument that might cater to all your fantasies about the celestial sphere.

1.6mm of glass is what needs to be removed and I daresay I’m close ..or is it something about the mirror itself ..this magic number seems to be eluding me by an infinitesimal deficit. But .. a good 8 hours gone into this , I can’t be far away…Just hope I get theres soon.

Just a couple of days back – I had this brainstorm to just grind it to F/7 or atleast an F/7.5 ..they way it is now – 68 Inches + 4 extra Inches probably – thats the length of the telescope tube I’ll have to be carrying around… Din’t exactly seem like a welcome Idea.. I might as well make this atleast an F/7.5 – save on a couple of Inches atleast . ..although it might take another hour of grinding.

Harshad’s company is probably the only respite…but becomes a distraction itself.. With us ending up talking more than grinding. Hemants scope ( a 6″ which he wasn’t using ) is another distraction..It’s too irresistable to play around with – Be it pointing it to M7/M6 – Something in Saggitarius , the Jupiter or if nothing’s available – the good old moon itself. Pointing the scope to random terrestrial things seems to be another Obnoxious habit that I seem to have picked up.

All said and done – there’s a Job ahead ..Just hope that I can get done with the mirror grinding atleast by the end of this week.. with college starting from the Next monday…It’s a depressing thought and I ask to myself – am I running against time ? or being plain lazy to hard work ..

PS :- I’ll require all the assistance that I can get to finish this. Volunteers are welcome.

2 Responses to “8.5″ : F/8”

  1. pharaoh Says:

    @the cynic
    hey, cheer up buddy, we got there today! πŸ™‚
    1.5mm and still going strong.

    i agree it was mundane work, but i don’t think it’s very physically tiring. (as i always say, you are putting too much pressure and too much grit).

    i have created a wiki on amateur telescope making. please feel invited to contribute to it. let’s help all the buddying amateurs out there. πŸ˜€

  2. hemanthariyani Says:

    I hope “random terrestial things” are not windows of houses nearby πŸ™‚

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