Observing @ 12 AM on a hazy hazy Night.

And so- the other day … We all met up at the Planetarium and It was about 7:15 When we all dispersed… And I needed a lift back home…and my man harshad was who I almost lured into dropping me off.

Funny how some of my premonitions work … The sky seemed to clear up – the dark and threatning clouds moving away further east – after giving us all a bit of a soak. But alas ! We come back home at 9PM and the sky seemed hopeless. Harshad saw the brigher side of things ? and decided to stay over at my place for the night.

So much for my theory of making the first 10 lines of any post so disinteresting… Anyway it was about 11 when we finally did manage to get a glimpse of some clear skies. Clear it seemed but not a single star in View ! Rather absurd …So much for these obnoxiously bad skies at Bangalore. It seemed all we could see was the Triangle of Deneb , Altaire and Vega.

Moon rise was probably the only thing it seemed…that could get this sky lighted up…and So it did. Finally..something to point the Telescope at…Rather odd but I always seem to like the 60 – 80% moon than the full moon. It probably helped clear up the mess created by the hazy envelope.

Not much done .. Except helping harshad ( pharaoaoaoaoaoaoah ) trace out some of the constellations around – Saggitarius , Parts of Aquila , Lyra , Cygnus , The Great Square of Pegasaus , Andromeda. Both of us were desperate for a glimpse of M31 but sadly – neither the clouds did relent nor the bright moon help us with our cause.

The time was probably 12:30PM and the southern sky seemed to be clearing up for good. Fomalhaut was now shining bright and high….It was looking barely visible just about 30 mins back…. It was roundabout then that I saw something that was really worth staying up for this long – A meteor ! and a really brilliant one too… An amazing sight ..It had to be – to light up such bad skies.

It was supposed to be the peresids peaking …And Perseus was just about rising in the north-east and This one I saw – was further to the south of Fomalhaut… Absurd. But I don’t care where they come from…Just a pleasure to catch one of these… Not having seen a single meteor since the Geminids of last year. It was one of those meteors that seemed to drop down…not just streak across.. Was a pity that Harshad couldn’ catch it.

All said and done – there wasn’t anything left to do.. The clouds launching another surprise attack – this time the southern horizon being the target.. Just for the thrill of it – we pointed the scope to random parts of Cassiopeia and Lyra …just admiring some double-stars we seemed to bump across here and there.

Really.. We can’t wait to get done with our scopes and take them somewhere far far away from civilization……

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