Observation log : 17th August 06 :

Amazing is the least I can say.. Clean skies for a good 5 hours. I hear harshad’s all pissed off with me for not returning the scope yet …but it was totally worth ditching him today.If you’re reading this – harshad..relax man …I’ll return the scope sometime…sometime in the near future …

What better to start off with in this season than Saggitarius and the troop of deep sky objects in the constellation.. ? M 28 , M22 , M8 , M21 , M20 , M23 , M25 , M24….Caught a glimpse of them all…The globulars in M8 and M22 being the cream of the lot..Saggitarius is just amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it…all thanks to harshad’s patience ( the devilish chuckle goes here ) and ofcourse Hemant’s scope. M 28 was probably the most difficult of the lot.. although it was easier to find it with the binoculars…Pointing the scope required some neck-spraining…especially with this one without a finderscope.

Off to scorpius .. M7 was at it’s ever elegant best and so was M6… Just cruel Irony that ..for some reason – I could neither point the scope nor view M4 even with binoculars unlike the other day..when it was pretty easy to pick out…Probably some haze just in there ..or my eyes failing me for a change..? Nevermind..there was too much at stake tonight to waste time on it.

Thought I’d be a little more adventurous after that … Browsing around with the scope randomly until I passed something like a globular in Opihuchus.. I just had a look in Cartes about what it could have been…and the possible contentions would be M10 or M11.. Whatever it was.. It was the only glimpse I could catch of it…for the clouds came in just then and the object eluded me…even after the clouds cleared up.

Next on the list was to point it to the Ring Nebula..and it was a real challenge…first of all to point it …with Vega close to zenith and the scope – one without a finderscope…After various Asanas and much crawling on the ground in a lot of attempts to point it…some going in vain…a struggle lasting a good 30 minutes was finally won …One little push from the double star under Vega..and I was at what I thought was M57 …a sense of accomplishment and glee…Din’t last long…for the clouds crept in again – spoiling the show – this time from the East…Also caught sight of this cluster under Vega … Which I just looked up in cartes – to be Steph 1 …

Without an option…with all these clouds around…the only constellation devoid of a lot of clouds and haze was Cygnus …and here I tried my luck again … first sight of something new … NGC 7000 …appearing as a weird and amoeba like hazy patch of light…It’s supposed to be a Nebula as I later realised….another new object in my bag. It was about this time when I witnessed another eventful happening…- Another meteor !!! – This one wasn’t as bright as the one I had posted in my earlier log …but still pretty bright .. Coming down from Vega towards cassiopeia….The next half – hour so was spent trying to catch more of these…and it went like clockwork…I wasn’t half dissapointed…I actually managed to see a couple more …The peresids putting a late show ..just for me ! Odd coincidences dont happen with meteor sightings…but Ravindra told me on phone that he saw the same one ( what I think is the same meteor ) around 830 ..thats roundabout the time I saw it as well…

All in all .. a great night for the views..except that my neck is in a bit of a trouble now..Hemant’s scope would’ve been near perfect had it been mounted properly..The only deficit being the fact that the height of the eyepiece is a bit of a pain.. Neither can be viewed sitting nor standing,.. a rather painfull and crippling position ..Actually – I should be rather thanking him for the scope than complaining..

Terrific experience..the southern sky was too amazing.. I bet a lot of people would have observation logs for tonight .

2 Responses to “Observation log : 17th August 06 :”

  1. pharaoh Says:


    wait till i catch ur neck.

  2. digirak Says:

    This is really wonderful.. I mean we really have a very fien piece of observation here
    Dude try and post a sky map or atleast a link to it and maybe amateurs can figure out the sky better
    Happy clear skies

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