And we met up..

And I turned up 45 minutes late myself..ofcourse .. I had company and I wasn’t among the last to turn up either.. So here’s something for all you people who have an obnoxious tendancy of turning up late for things ( Including me ofcourse )…People arriving after the stipulated time for the meet will have to pay up at the rate of two rupeers every minute…else you will be stared at until the brinks of obscene embarassment.

Getting to the details of the meet..This one was nowhere as chaotic as the couple ones preceeding it .. Just a little instance of how a little planning and the right person to manage things ( Hemant ).. can make these things a big success. A total of twelve people turning up – Pavan , Hemant , Atul , Rakesh , Amar , Vinay , Mayank , Anil , Akarsh , Ajesh , Shashank and Satya.

The main discussion for the day was about the group we’ve got here…25 members , gathering more and running… On what the group’s visons ..Objectives and line of action.

Following were the highlights of the meet.

  • Our visions : An active group , Public Outreach , Equipment.
  • Public outreach is very very important : Ours is not a vision to stay as a closed group and cater exclusively to these people..But to attract and Induce the thirst for astronomy In the General Public …How we go about these.. ? Sidewalk astronomy , Public Star Parties at select locations with good dark skies…and “Astronomy for schools” …concentrate on recruiting into the group – the more enthusiastic of the lot – the school goers…make it an Inspiring experience for them all.
  • Telescope making is another important , important activity..A passion of the like of Astronomy requires equipment..and what better than building your own ?.. Works out a few whole number times cheaper than bought-equipment and can work as fine as any expensive one. A few of us here already own telescopes and binoculars ..People looking to buy equipment can always have a word or two with us..and get our feedback before they make the choice.
  • We’re not a super-speciality group dedicated to any single walk of astronomy ..We’re going to make sure that we have seminars , tutorials , discussions ,debates and quizzes running all the time…be it observation , ATM or the realms of astrophysics , relativity and if required even general physical concepts.
  • Raising Funds becomes important …for all that we’ve planned requires money…and once we get into the realms of money in an organisation.. It’d be our duty to go registered..and we might do so – as a “Non-Profit” organisation…Ofcourse this comes with a lot of responsibility – To keep in track of each and every rupee circulating in the community…We will have to get ourselves a Bank account and appoint one of ourselves the treasurer-in-charge.
  • The Internet has been the base of our organisation..and will continue to be so..It’s just the perfect platform for people to reach us and all our members to stay in touch as well. We suggest all our members should at the bare minimum – give us their email ID and recieve group messagesand updates.

All these were agreed upon ..we will also get the views of all those members who missed out on this meet..on the subsequent meet. For the convinience of one and all…we’ve also decided upon a new and non-volatile meet time – 4:15PM at Cubbon Park On Sundays.

The photo page has been updated. Do check out our new pics !

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3 Responses to “And we met up..”

  1. digirak Says:

    There is something u missed abt the late comers these ppl will be charged rs 2 for every minute they coem late and this would go as part of the funding for the organization..PPl pls keep blogging whenever you are will only enrich the group

  2. hemanthariyani Says:

    Let us start planning agenda for meetings atleast 2 weeks in advance as far as scheduling talks and seminars are concerned.

  3. digirak Says:

    Ya hemanth i agree with you, that will make the meets more organized, i guess you can ask Pavan or me wat the next meet’s agenda would be when you are out of station

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