Hey guys

Hello every one and let me welcome, a little late albeit, but nevertheless all of you to the official blog of BAS and from wat i hear from Pavan BAS is listed on google search also. Well i guess the meet yesterday went off as planned by Hemant and I thought I should mention the orkut community on night sky watching satrted by Vinay and i guess Vinay that you could put up relevant posts on BAs blog.

Also we had spoken about certain ” governmental ” activities which I am sure Amar Sharma would be more than willing to post about.Also please put in your views on the meetings we have which may also include observation sessions whenever Lord Indra is gracious enough. Lets hope that happens relatively regularly.

Anyone who has a particular interest in any field of astronomy and astrphysics or even meta physics is welcome to give a seminar and all who are interested in teh topic can come over to attend it. The only request being pls let us know about the topic before hand and the approximate duration.

Thank you and wish you all a very clear skies

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