My 8″ contd..

Hey guys this is a continuation to wat i posted in the last blog about me wanting to start serious work on my piecses of glass and today i worked on them for a good hour and the result was very satisfactory as teh glass which was previously smooth and transparent was now rough and transluscent(of course to the un initiated this may sound a little moronic but i guess my fellow telescope makers would appreciate my jubliance)

There was something which i noticed that you guys might find a tiny bit helpful, as i was grinding i noticed that the part of the carborandum that I am using or rather the one that has gone powdery out of use sticks to teh tool, I guessed that my effeciency would improve if i scarped it off the tool, dunno whether this is acyually applicable but i jus find it logically acceptable(people please keep in mind that i am using a 120 grid, which is not as coarse as the 80, so it may not as such stick to the tool, the way the 120 does)

I also provided a good 2.5 ” clearance from the rim of the tool, i guess this is wat satya meant, so thats wat i managed to do today, hope to do more tomorrow.

All the best guys,and keep blogging teh status

Happy clear skies

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