BAS : General Update.

So here we are… a closely knit group..and we’re up and running. What we do have to realise yet the fact that we’re here not just for ourselves..but the hundreds and thousands others as well ..all those who have the smallest and faintest speck of astro-enthusiasm in their minds.

It’s the bigger part of the reason we’ve come together..Not just for some of us getting the thrill of running an autonomous organisation…nor that we’re trying to compete with another..It’s just because we want to do all that we want ..the way we want. And how we go about it ? ..We start from the bottom of the floor .. Visit schools and rope in school kids…Maybe just the telescope sessions for the younger ones of the lot .. let them get a glimpse of something inspiring .. the moon ? or Jupiter..Saturn ? .. Something that can be inspirational… And for the older ( high school )..Telescope making tutorials ..more visual observations .. a little bit of theory maybe …We can sit out and draft plans for it all. I’m sure there’re people among us who are no short of the gyan that one needs to have to please school children .. The older of the lot will be our valuable members .. We’d rather have the energetic young enthusiastic youth than the senile old hag.. The “Astronomy@Schools” program will help us growing bigger as a group , our funding and activity.

Sidewalk astronomy , tutorials , astro-workshops , public-starparties form the other part of our public outreach program. There’re people who believe that the best you can make use of your telescope is to point it to your neighbours’ window.. Of-course this is part of the game ..but there’re are far too many gorgeous objects in the night sky to waste time on this.. One would need some serious guts to take their telescopes , erect them on MG road ..point it the moon and let the people have a peek ..There’s always the thing about being laughed at , stared at , frenzied at…apart from the cops suspecting us for being part of the Lashkar E Toiba and our telescopes to be artillery guns. This is what we intend to do – get the layman to know that “shani – the saturn” is no evil as depicted by the astrologers ..that it is indeed a sight to see.. How about a gathering of all of bangalore’s astro-enthusiasts for a star party ? …an amateur observatory setup outside the city …Here ..Imagination and fantasy take over .. But who says these aren’t possible…this all that’s been done .. and some of us think that a lot of people in the US and Europe aren’t Science-savvy …. We’re here in India ..which churns out 3000 IITians every year…all these people that go conquer the universities in US and the UK ..and we think twice about the possibility of us achieving all this..

Our group isn’t one about just one walk of astronomy ..It’s a mission ..a mission to unite all the true-blooded astro enthusiasts in here , come together and achieve something. I suggest all us members start of from our own schools..Confirm participation , support and response from them …and that would be the right place to start off..It’ll not only help us with some much-needed publicity ..but will also get us more members ..more activity..more plans.

Proper planning will make the job half-done. We should all sit together and plan this out…and just looking at how dis-organised a couple of our previous meets have been ..we need to start with planning out our meets itself ! .. To see the brighter side of things ..We’ve only just come together ..maybe things do take a while to settle down… A meet conducted properly can be a large success as manifested in our most recent meet ..we hope it will all get better.

So here’s what our plans are for this meet – coming up on Sunday – 27th August.

  • Meeting commences : 4:15PM
  • Mirror making tutorial – Satya Kumar : 4:30PM
  • Break : 5:30PM
  • Discussion – The universe : 5:45PM
  • Group plans – other plans : 6:30PM
  • Misc : 7:00PM
  • Disperse : 7:15PM

Other meet-details have been specified in the Events page. Do keep in track of this page ..If you haven’t checked it already..Please do.

Suggestions , feedback , additions to the site-pages are welcome .. Please email me.

The blog is currently our only medium of public-outreach. Do understand that we have visitors coming in from search engines like google..etc ..We have to try and be as formal and responsible as possible ..Make sure we don’t give the wrong impression to the person visiting us .. Do try and be more responsible , mature with your posts and comments.

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2 Responses to “BAS : General Update.”

  1. digirak Says:

    Well this is a nice piece of blog that we have here, this is an example for all the bloggers in this site, make sure that your blogs are concise to the point and do not go into vagaries, the topics that we have need to be based on the body of the blog in such a way that it conveys most of the meaning of the passage, also one thing we need to keep in mind, I do not know whether all of us have realized this or not, but we need to keep from mud slinging from each other and all of you non BAS members who are gracious enough to comment or blog, try as far as possible to keep your language moderate to avoid any conflagrations, to my fellow BAS members, I kniow that all of you are sensible enough to keep your limits when you criticise or comment on a blog, please do not make me swallow my hat 🙂

  2. digirak Says:

    dude let us try and inclued a session on star gazing on sunday, let all the newbies know of the different signposts, in the sky

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