Struggling for Sagitta

This turning out to be one hell of a workout ritual, I have been now working for 4 days on my scope(obviously not  a great deal of time 😛 but nevertheless)  and its been hard hard work, the glass seems pretty unyielding and the tool seems to be getting very roughed up and to worsen it all my cleats have become losse and shaky. Well talking about a hard day, I dunno whether it is going to get any harder, i hope to the almighty that it is not 🙂

The next part of the topic i would like to address is whether it makes sense to actually wash the piece after the work is done, for i felt that keeping the residue out of the piece was as important as keeping the worktable well laid out, I also feel that we should completely clean out any residue on the piece to improve efficiency, of course its but a logical conclusion.

There was one more little point i wanted to make before i submit this piece, I was wondering how much time should elapse before  I need to start checking for Sagitta, of course it goes without saying that a minimum-of 6hrs should be put in, keeping in mind that the grinder is of average built and capacity.

Guys we need to keep updating this blog site whenever possible and make sure thatthe rest of the group is kept aware of how everyone else is progressing,this would help all the others who want to make sure that they can help all those who are looking for it and also those who are beginners like myself and The Cynic, so don’t be shy to admit your mistakes, because it will add to the knowledge pool, and please for god sake remain active

This is an appeal to all non BASiians to keep the members informed if they are straying from the right path, this will enable us as a fledgling organisation to take wing and soar heavenwards 🙂

3 Responses to “Struggling for Sagitta”

  1. The cynic Says:

    It is indeed a good practice to wash the tool and the mirror as frequently as possible …helps take of all the grit that gets stuck to the tool….Actually harshad does it every 10 minutes or so..

    Just keep in mind that your rotations are regular…you don’t want to be wearing out one edge too soon.

    with your build .. I wouldn’t be surprised if uv got the sagitta already ..You should definetely check it.

    Get yourself a nail of thickness 1.6mm or whatever sagitta thats needed for the focal length u’r going for …( measured properly with a screw guage )..keep it at the a scale and check if it balances..

    If it does … stop the overhanging strokes and start short-W strokes. Invert the tool and the mirror once every 30 minutes or so.

  2. The cynic Says:

    and you call me a beginner !

  3. digirak Says:

    Ahh my friend..Well i cant say I am totally misplaced..can I 🙂

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