The sky is calling

I would like to devote this particular entry to one of the lesser discussed but no less important part of the B.A.S, the question of sidewalk astronomy, public presentations , public star parties, in a nut shell—- Public outreach. This,to me forms as much a part of astronomy as does obsevations and discoveries.

I guess we need to first check the kind of awareness that astronomy has in our country, to be honest this question has an answer which as p;easing to the ear as hail falling on a tin roof, the answer is a very colourless Pathetic. But we as astro enthusiasts have , I am sorry to say done very little to change this all pervading ignorance to this wonderful and fascinating subject related to the celestial world and today the stripping of the planet title of pluto generates as much interest as BJP walking out of the assembly :)(No political insult intended though)

The awareness drives conducted by the government is appalling and lacks in the very basic element of motivation and this is something my friends we as youth have an abundance and we should capitalize on the same, the government is though paradoxically endowed with all the blessed resources and the moral grounding to impart the education. We however have been very aloof from the government thanks to the highly corrupt system and the lazy babus who have become the symbol of Indian bureaucracy, this essentially means that we are lost in the world where money plays the river of abundance nourishing the tree of providence.

However, we tend to underestimate the power of exuberance and the proverbial wheel will lead us onto the path of success, this where the agenda of BAS makes a big difference as far as the outreach is concerned and we have chalked out a very preferential plan, we intend to have sidewalk astronomy as our agenda entails, which obviously needs a good infrastructure and which we as college(the average age of the organization is about 20) students tend to lack, so we have come up with a plan of having a series of lectures in different schools and maybe a couple of observation sessions in order to raise some interest in the subject, this we hope will only increase the number of members in the group and also improve the relative popularity of the organization, this is our first step in the en-cashing of the vast reserves of human capital that our country possesses. We also hope to conduct a crash course maybe on the rudiments of stargazing and if the almighty so wishes maybe a yearly( or monthly for that matter) journal on the web

Again these are agendas we need to discuss threadbare at our meetings in order to ensure complete compatibility and approval from everyone, this is however a sincere request from me on behalf of my fellow members to one and all o kindly contribute with your ideas in the form of comments to make our each most efficient and the uninitited all I can say is   The Sky is calling

Request will be postively entertained and happy clear skies to all astronomers 🙂

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