An Update.

There’re a few people in our community who’re just about starting off with observations and such..  I suggest they equip themselves with the bare minimum needed for tracing out constellations , keeping in touch with planet – positions , recent comets and asteroids …and basically the sky overhead whenever they want to go out and some stargazing. Ofcourse..They can use the good old “Star maps for the month” that still appear in a few magazines , journals and newspapers ..but they invariably turn out to be inaccurate and incomprehensible.

I’ve just about finished updating the Resources page..Do check it out..It’s not complete yet and I have compiled it all rather shabbily …But the basic motive was to post links for these things and thats been achieved..The page will be seeing further additions – subtractions and editions in the future …And you’re welcome to give me your suggestions .. Just email me.

For starters .. I would suggest you get yourself Cartes..Which is what most of us use ..But if you do find it confusing .. as a lot of people do initially.. they you can go for Stellarium.. Celestia is a totally different genre..but I’ve still posted it – Just that a lot of people find that program fascinating..Anyway – Atleast a couple of those programs on your hard disk would be a good number…People using Operating systems other than Windows can look for the respective version on the softwares’ website.

We’ll also want to make the present Members’ page – a full fledged page with all our members names’ and their astro-profiles ( Not their star signs.. Their astronomy interests and such )..But a few members have raised objections to putting some of their personal info on the web .. I – a paranoid chap about the internet myself will not want to do anything objectionable.. So I suggest YOU do that page about yourself or atleast tell me what you’d like there and what not .. Hope you do understand that this page is important … especially to show our might – the number power of our community to people visiting our site.

We’re nearing the observation season and I seriously advice you keep yourself free without any appointments and commitments anywhere in the five days plus or minus the new moon date.. We’ll be out on star parties at Hosahalli village .. Do keep in touch with us about these. And ofcourse.. Keep track of the lunar calendar.

The moon spoilt the peresids for us this time …But there’s no stopping us from watching the Orionids , Leonids and the Geminids .. Meteors for everyone..This is for all the people who aren’t as keen as some of us about deep sky observing.. Just get yourself a blanket or two .. Lie down flat and watch some streakers ! .. With some luck we might be able to catch a few meteorites or something…Anyway..daydreaming apart..It’s obvious..this is going to be one hell of a season for us .. and we’re going to go about it as a group.

As some of us who’ve gone on the couple of star parties to Hosahalli…We’ve already realised that there’ve been quite a few meteorite-impacts on that road enroute to the same from Doddaballpur .. Becomes rather unsafe on two-wheelers and doubly so especially carrying all the equipment.. Bus can be ruled out of the equation if we do carry our fragile intricate equipement. If anyone does have any suggestions ..please spare us some.

And ofcourse..we have our meets on weekends as usaul ..seminars by people and the usaul formula ..these are important all the same .. do make it a point to attend all these.. It’s just once a week..the bare minimum.



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