The scope in the making

Hey guys this is a follow up to the other topics that I had posted perviously related to my piece. Well it so far been a very fruitless exercise as far as getting the sagitta is concerned and has been very disappointing in trems of the progress I have made, but I still feel elated at the whole job, because it gives me great pleasure to be actually converting a piece of worthless glass to a gateway of wonder and absolute bliss whcih is what the stars are 🙂

This is one bit of interesting experience taht I would liek to share with fellow ATM guys, something  which I am not physically able to relate, though nevertheless wonderous to behold. The other day while I was grinding away at my piece I noticed that as I kept working away, a faint glimmer of light seemed to glow, very similar to the flourescent tubelights that one sees on the road , seemed to glimmer. I thought that it was an optical illusion at first but then as it continued to appear I assumed that it was some sort of a reflection and decided to slow down to find out where was the reflection off(Mind I was doing this in the terrace). Miraculously the reflection disappeared, now I was thourougly confused and so I removed the pice to check out the glass, thats when it hit me like a stone!!

The area where the light shone was smouldering hot! It was sparks which were being generated, as to what I can guess , due to friction. My amazement increased when I noticed that the sparks were emitted at the same rate at which I was doing my up-down strokes at only the same point on the tool and were a  good 2  to 3 mm long, which is pretty long.

Anyway guys , I have no idea whether this is a sign of good grinding or a sign of  a haphazard one, so I would value your comments in this regard.

Keep blogging and happy clear skies

Thank you

One Response to “The scope in the making”

  1. The cynic Says:

    sparks aren’t a particularly good sign..You better be using more water
    And slow down ok..You’ll get the sagitta sometime..chillax..No vigorous experiments with your glass

    slow , steady and consistancy is what it requires

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