The lack of materials and the woe of getting them

Hey guys i hope all of you are progressing better than me in your scopes for mine has come to a standstill, well not exactly due to lack of motivation but due to the lack of the basic resources and of course the non-availabilty of the same šŸ™‚

This time I had the idea that I will do my scope with fullĀ  focus and no ankyĀ  panky business , am going to be decisive and bold, well as the old school goes man proposes and god disposes and I am now lying mostly in wait for my materials to arrive and asĀ  in mostyĀ  casesĀ  I am lost in the quagmire of needs , well in retrospect of this in our last meetingĀ  we have decided toĀ  have a certain amount of resoureces at teh disposal of BAS so taht we don’t need to go hunting all the timeĀ  and also we would not have our members running short of resources.

We have decide that it is now time to handle te problem equivocally andĀ  as mentione dthe problem arises because the black gold of ATM, carborandum, better know as silcon carbide is normally bought in bulk of 50 kg upwards and we are looking for soemthing as small asĀ  1 or a max of 2 kg, this seems like a pittance to teh dealers and hence we get the cold shoulder. We have therefore decided to haveĀ  a commmunity resource godown

Well to start I guess we need a shed which is relatively well aerated and at the same time is well clear of waterlogging and importantly has a lot of sunlight in the day to keep away insects, here we plan to store close to 10 kg of each size of grit and we also hope to have a work table complete with cleats and a store cupbosrd for the glass and also for books on ATM, which we do have with AMar, who am sure would be glad to share with us. We also haveĀ  an expert ATmaker in Satya who also has a very good collection of books I am told. šŸ™‚

This is our general plan as far as resource pool is concerned and we hope taht all of you who are using it would be open to the sharing of the resource cos as well both in terms of monetary and also in terms of manpower. We definitely could do with a good measure of both šŸ™‚

Good viewing and happy clear skies


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