What an eclipse !

eclipse 1140pm Eclipse 2 - 12AM Eclipse 3 - 1210am eclipse 12 20 eclipse 1240 eclipse 1 am
So these eclipses have forever been regarded pretty “normal” and due interest in these have been missing. True ..a lunar eclipse might not be as breathtaking as a solar eclipse which drains the light out of the sky for a moment or two …and to add to that are the diamond ring , corona and such .. There’s enough reason to sideline lunar eclipses when you have something like solar eclipses occuring.

So anyway ..yesterdays eclipse was a very absurdly rare “small” lunar eclipse.. with the peak umbra the moon comes into only accouting to be about 0.19 .. that would mean a 19% lunar eclipse.. Wasn’t the most spectacular of lunar eclipses too.. Invariably we’ve all seen more total lunar eclipses than these. Nonetheless – it was an event to witness and I who was more intended at photographing the event was only more enthusiastic to see it.

The plans for yesterday was to goto some dark sky location .. so as to observe and photograph the color changes on the lunar surface with the penumbra’s onset.. But these plans ended up getting cancelled ( all thanks to them clouds ofcourse ! ). So , shashank , I and amar decided to watch the eclipse from home itself.

All said and done about the events preceeding ..it was down to the eclipse happening. The penumbra onset starting at 10:35 PM …causing but little change..if any at all. Was a big dissapointment as I din’t get to see any obvious color change I had expected and had seen a few times before.

The umbra did finally come in at about 11:30PM , The dark shadow of the umbra visibly creeping in at the moon from the brilliance around the moon. It was all photography – especially with me unsure of settings needed to be used – I clicked more than a few so as to make sure that I get atleast a few of them right. About 12:20 AM was when the eclipse reached maximum ..The moon looking as weird as never – About 3 phases down but the side chipped off rather than rounded off.

By 1:00 AM was when the eclipse was no more. Still waited for the end of the penumbral eclipse as well. It was about 2:30 Am when this was supposed to have gotten over although I couldn’t visually distinguish any change.

What I thought I had noticed was a distinct change in colour. A turn in contrast with the moon seeminly acquiring a more yellowish tinge once the penumbral eclipse started. The difference is hard to distinguish in my photographs as well..especially after I was misguided about exposure and aperture settings. My pics have come out no better than mediocre although most have been overexposed.

I will post more pics.. some more taken on a regualar camera on the default shutter time.. They would’ve come out better.

Just a mention about the skies of yesterday night.. they stayed clear throughtout ..although the rain clouds did threatn us throughout the afternoon. I spent some time watching clusters in Auriga and Perseus as well. Pleiades was pretty impressive too and so was the Orion Nebula

If you observed the eclipse yourself , Do post your experiences as well !

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