Report : Meet of September 10th.

An eventful meet on a rainy day – A fruitful one in ways..especially that we had about four new persons turning up.

The people who attended – Pavan , Harshad , Rakesh , Amar , Vinay , Prashant , Atul , Nikhil, Abhay , Naveen , Satya , Vasudeva , Venkatesh , Dhruvaraja and Dilip. Number power has been proved time and again and so it has in here.. 15 turning up although we did get a feeling that some of our other members have missed out.

After a quick intro session – we got to the main discussion right away.. and this was about people’s availibilty and planning for the star party scheduled next saturday – 16th september. Most of these guys have promised their availibilty for this one.. so we’re pretty much set for a party of sorts next weekend.  You will find more info about this session in the events page.

Also discussed was – the need to go formally registered as an organisation and the way to go about it. Group plans and goals were discussed. The programme for schools was something everyone had their take on.. and everyone did feel the need for such a programme at the school level.

All in all , The meet was worthwhile – especially that we have taken some crucial decisions now..and ofcourse that there are 4 new additions to the society. All of us are looking forward to the star party scheduled next saturday.

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