Hey guys its been some time since i posted primarily because there was little I could actually write about with the lunar eclipse being a good one and me being not able to fully observe it(I had a presentation in college next morning :x) Well to say otherwise this week has been relatively more productive as far as I am concerned and as far as my observation prowess goes, thanks principally to my dronacharya of the week, Stellarium.

Well as I said before the week has been particularly exciting for me the garden observer or rather the balcony observer, I have been propped up in my balcony for almost half an hour every night and sometimes early morning with my binoculars and have got many a cold stare from many a hot girl 🙂 . Getting back to my column, its been a week of observations with the moon being bright as a lantern overhead and I got a very powerful view of the craters and the wonderful oceans of tranquility, then of course i got a glimpse of the lunar eclipse and its umbra slowly covering the pock-marked face of the moon 🙂

Then I got a glimpse of Pegasus rising above the north western horizon, I don’t want to use the word rising in the astronomical sens of the term, but more in the actual sense, on the very same day. though I must say that Andromeda below it was a hard task, with just a couple of stars being visible and a faint trace of M31, well then there was Cassiopeia, beautifully defined on the Thursday night, exceptionally clear skies and could almost see her with naked eyes, from Indiranagar. I was also able to see Scorpio on Tuesday early night with Antares glowing merrily, I dunno whether it was Antares, but I guess thats the brightest star so I could not see why it would be any other. Vega and Altair have become something of a daily visitor in my field of view, and I also got a shot at M7 or M6 dunno which one, its not too easy with a binoculars though.

There was something that i would like to inform fellow observers, which I guess you might already be aware of, that the Stellarium software in our resources page ROCKS!!!!! I would suggest all amateurs to please download the one we have in our resources page for its been a great help to me and I am pretty much of the impression that amateurs would really enjoy something of the kind that it offers, with its wide array of features and its unique zoom in capability which offers real time features, its one of a kind.

The group is now in the threshold of making its first ever registered body, and we shall very soon be part of the government gazette, i presume that all of you would realize the responsibility it poses us with and I hope you will all be aware of the restriction endorses us with , so lets blog responsibly 🙂

Take care and happy clear skies


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