Report – Meet of 15th October, Sunday.

The BAS elects it’s first governing council !

The governing body shall number 11 members and following are their names

  1. Hemant Hariyani
  2. Pavan Keshavamurthy
  3. Naveen L Nanjundappa
  4. Abhay Nayak
  5. Harshad Joglekar
  6. Amar Sharma
  7. Satya Kumar
  8. Atul B V
  9. Vinay P R
  10. Vasudeva K A
  11. Rakesh Nath

Of the above, #9, #10 and #11 shall be ex-officio members of the board and shall not hold any specific offices.

These apart, The following members have been chosen as event coordinators.

  1. Coordinator for ATM & groupware – Satya Kumar
  2. Coordinator for Meetups, Astro tours and treks – Pavan Keshavamurthy
  3. Coordinator for “Astronomy @ Schools” and Outreach – Atul B V
  4. Coordinator for observation sessions and star parties – Amar Sharma

The following members were elected as office bearers

  1. Hemant Hariyani – President
  2. Naveen L Nanjundappa – Vice president
  3. Pavan Keshavamurthy – Secreatary
  4. Harshad Joglekar – Joint Secreatary
  5. Abhay Nayak – Treasurer

The Bangalore Astronomical Society, is henceforth submitting its credentials with the above named as office bearers – to the Registrar Of Societies.

The society wishes to offer a special word of grattitude to Ravindra D P – who was instrumental in setting up the BAS , but is unable to take part in the groups activities due to professional causes.

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