Can wonder with awe.

Just a little passing thought .. of how the “entropy” factor pertains to the structure and working of things.

We’ve all applied and anlaysed systems and environments in thermodynamics on the entropy factor.. That we can apply it in quantum physics, singularities and the universe – seems rather venturing into metaphysics than physics.

For all who have forgotten, Entropy is the state of “disorder” in a system. In analogy of the universe – that it is expanding.. one has to analyse how the entropy of the universe is changing/ has changed through it’s age.

For we all believe that the universe began with a big bang singularity and that it has been expanding in all directions for the last 14 billion years. Behaviours and natures of quantum particles that compose everything have gone through an evolution – through the infinite density of the big bang singularity, through the traumatic inflation period, and through the billions of years until now.

at the particle level, and at nearing zero temeperatures – that how things attain perfection and symmetry has been postulated and formulated by theories of Fermi and Dirac. This is the basis of the superconductor theory and explains the whole issue incorporating into the theory – both quantum mechanics and in the context of Maxwell’s laws. Doesnt this correspond to a state of minimal entropy ?

A transition from micro to macro – and looking at entropy in context of the universe itself – one could say that the entropy of the universe is increasing ? For .. if we had 10 particles set into random motion in a box of 1m X 1m … were transferred into a box of 2m X 2m .. doesnt the extra availibility of space go on to increase the state of disorder of the system.. ? So, applying the same concept to the galaxies that are moving at an accelerating pace away from one another .. Doesn’t the entropy of the universe, but increase ?

Getting to singularities and treating black holes to be versions of big bang.. Here’s when things get awry .. analysing entropy of a black hole. Things get “consumed” by the singularity and hence the boundary of the event horizon is increased as was proved by stephen hawking and co. Bringing in a thermodynamic dimension of the like of entropy into black hole physics, and that it is analogous to the area of the event horizon and henceforth surface gravity of the black hole would be analogous to temperature of the same !

It seemed paradoxical and ironical to all the people who believed that the black hole would be as inert to radiate nothing at all..which has been evidently defied by what we call today as Hawking Radiation – As the great man proved that black holes are not black after all. An entropy analysis of a black hole that finally led people to try applying the law of thermodynamics on a cosmic object and that yielded results that black holes do indeed radiate.

So would entropy in the “real” sense correspond to anything at all in the context of black holes ? or is it composed of mythical and hpothetical particles. ? … The answer is again by stephen hawking who suggests that all matter in a black hole settles down into the stationary singularity – the end of space-time and that the black hole preserves no history or details of the matter that it’s devoured apart from the 3 parameters in mass, angular momentum and charge. Here again, the concept gets more mathematical than physical. Could it mean that a black hole is not only a stagnant spot of space-time but also of the history of the particles it’s formed out of/ or gathers ?

To give it a thought all through again.. and that we believe it all started with a naked singularity .. There seem to be far too many relativities to estimate the change or progression of entropy with the evolution of the universe.

The aesthetic lot of us see it as something supernatural and beyond us ..that manifests as something highly symmetrical and ordered at the micro level and yet seemingly heading to a mess at the macro level. So is it just the singularity that defies us all and physics that prevails and where we can think of no description that could fit in ?

Does nature really love symmetry or can it defy it all unpredictably ? or are we not smart enough as yet to formulate a grand unified theory ? It may all seem obvious to man 100years down the line.. Until then – its for us (meta)physicists to ponder about

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