The weather abides by Murphy’s laws too. !

Just venting a bit of frustration off me.. Really. I’ll have to kick myself for not making it to yesterday’s star party (after all that many days of waiting for the Orionids, SWAN ).. I’m sure someone will post a log of yesterday’s observation session soon enough ( and you lot can seeth with envy on missing out too ..)

Anyway .. the skies were looking anything but pathetic at 6PM and it would only add to a guilt conscience if I were to make a futile observation trip rather than studying at home. So, I took a gamble on the side of caution and called it off ( for Dhruvaraja and Vasudeva as well ! )

That apart.. I’ve finally come into conclusions and complied a set of theorems ( those which can be proved by the mathematical induction types.. In this case – the multiple bad experiences come in. ).  Remarkably (well.. Nothing very remarkable about it at second thoughts ) .. These seem to be weather pertaining versions of Murphy’s laws.

  • If you see nothing but blue skies with just a speck of clouds at the horizons ( at 5PM) . then it’ll definetely be totally overcast by 7PM.
  • If you see nothing but blue skies at 9AM. It’ll rain floods at 9PM.
  • If you see nothing but thin white haze all day, then you’re in for the clearest night ever.
  • If you thought your star party wasn’t worth attending tonight. Chances double that people who did attend will have had the best star party ever.
  • If you see no threatning clouds at all ( all day long ).. you’re definetely in for a rainy night.
  • If the satellite images present clouds all over south India.. You’re definetely likely to be at a point above which there’re no clouds at all.
  • If a satellite image presents clear skies all over.. You’re at the unluckiest place in the universe. You’ll have clouds all over you.
  • If you don’t decide to go today. It’ll stay clear.
  • As soon as you get there.. the skies get overcast.

Anyway.. Pessimisms apart.. I’m sure the lot who did go to Hosahalli yesterday had a real good time. Looking forward for the upcoming kavalur trip next weekend.. Hope the skies stay clear for good.

2 Responses to “The weather abides by Murphy’s laws too. !”

  1. vu3bip Says:

    Hi Pavan,

    I told you the sky was clear.

    Infact I was fully packed and ready just 2 kms from your place waiting for your call.

    We should have gone there.


  2. digirak Says:

    chill dude it happens

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