Saturn pics

Below are a few images of Saturn that we clicked in past few days. 

Download and open in an image viewer to see true size. Browser may stretch images. 

Saturn image using Meade DSI on a Celestron 9.25 in f/10 SCT. 

Above image in false color to highlight features. Please note that false color is used to highlight and not to color-code. 

Afocal image of Saturn clicked using digital camera in video mode on a 12 in f/4.5 Newtonian with a 15 mm eyepiece.

One Response to “Saturn pics”

  1. akarshsimha Says:

    Marvellous pics!
    I guess the first link will do better with some increase in contrast and maybe saturation. The third photo is aesthetically best, for it is crisp and bright, but it doesn’t show the features as well.
    The false coloring is a nice thing and it has highlighted the cloud bands.


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