New Year Celebrations !

What a way to start new year ! Week full of observation and astrophotography !

 I wish I could take all you guys to my native! Lakshmisagara, a village about 5 Kms from Tarikere.  Clear skies ! and disturbing moon 😉  I had observations over a week, unfortunately i couldn’t take my telescope, it doesn’t make sense too ( its not working now ). but the real handy 7X50 binocular and digital camera are just sufficient to enjoy clear sky.

 Photos of constellations – which always been one part of my photography ! also helped me identify them and cross check their shapes with dim stars..

star clusters – excellent view in binoculars, and in photos !

Planets – Venus after sunset, Mars and Jupiter early morning, and saturn almost full night !!!

photos shared at



I missed two stuffs for the whole week.. one a good telescope ! second BAS members !!!

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