We’ve Moved !

All.. This is to announce about our new website.. It’s been under development for a few days now.. We feel proud to unveil –


Hope you will all like it.. Any feedback or suggestions whatsoever is welcome. Please keep in mind that the site will be under constant updation and addition considering we’ve just got it up.. Minor bugs and content deficits are bound to exist. we’ll try our best to get it up and running full-fledged as soon as soon as possible

With best regards


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2 Responses to “We’ve Moved !”

  1. akarshsimha Says:

    We’ve moved for the good, to a better user interface.

    Our new official website:
    Homepage: http://bas.org.in/Home
    Image Gallery: http://bas.org.in/gallery
    Forum: http://www.bas.org.in/Home/forum
    Event Calendar: http://www.bas.org.in/Home/event
    Blog: http://www.bas.org.in/Home/blog

    http://bas.org.in/Home has links to most of the stuff.

    We run Drupal…
    Go ahead and figure out at http://bas.org.in

  2. tamaramaxwell94859 Says:

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