Following are the activities of the Bangalore Astronomical Society. All events unless mentioned otherwise, shall be on weekends.

  1. Meetings and Seminar sessions
  2. Star Parties and Observation sessions
  3. ATM ( Amateur Telescope Making ) activities’ sessions
  4. Public outreach and schools’ sessions
  5. Astro Tours

Meetings and Seminar sessions

The society meets up once a month. The meetings normally feature seminars/talks by members/guests. New members are welcomed to the society and existing members shall be intimated about upcoming plans. Meetings are typically held in that time of the month when the moon phase is a waxing crescent.

Star Parties and Observation sessions

The society conducts atleast 1 observation event every month and more on requirement. Typically, the event is held on the saturday of the month closest to the new moon. Deep sky observation and astrophotography are always on the agenda. Special sessions of the stipulated schedule are held during times of special celestial events like occultations, meteor showers and such. Beginners are also given assistance with – basics of observing, constellations and object finding techniques.

ATM sessions

The society embarks on instrumentation projects every year. Besides these, the society shall also conduct public mirror making workshops in the summer. The society is currently working on a 16″ f/6 mirror.

Public Outreach and Schools’ sessions

The following genre of sessions shall be held typically when the moon phase is a waxing gibbous.

— Sidewalk astronomy sessions
These are for the general public and bystanders held at select locations within the city. The motive is to educate about astronomical instruments and the contents of the celestial sphere. However, the city skies being polluted and the audiences’ appreciation potential graded, The event shall only involve observation of planets and moon.

— Session for schools
These are sessions conducted at schools – rural and urban.. To inspire and educate kids into astronomy.

— Sessions at college and university levels
The society also plans to take up astronomy and related projects at the university level.

— Sessions at villages
These are variants of the sidewalk-astronomy sessions but that these will be conducted in the rural areas. The motive again is to approach and educate the locals into sky observations genre of astronomy.

Astro Tours and Travels

These are society events that involve tours to scenic locations followed by star parties post evenings. These shall typically be held once every 3 months.

Please see our Events Schedule for the upcoming events.

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