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This is the immediate schedule.

Star Party

Date and Time: January 20th, 2006. Saturday.. Overnight.
Venue : Kavalur – Alangayam, TN
  • Observation with the 15″ Telescope
  • Magnitude Estimation of Comets.
  • Miscelleneous computational and observational tasks.
Coordinator(s) Pavan [ Registrations Closed / —————————————————————-]

Our future plans


New Technology Telescopes
Date and Time: 4th Febraury 2007 ——————————————————————————–
Venue : Cubbon Park
Presenter: Hemant Hariyani

Date and Time: 4th March 2007    ———————————————————————————
Venue : Cubbon Park
Presenter: Amar Sharma

Star parties

Date and Time: Febraury 17th, 2007.
Venue : Hosahalli – Off Doddaballapur
  • General Deep Sky Observation, Photography – Both wide field and primefocal —-
  • Practise session for Messier Marathon session – 2007.
Co-ordinator(s): Amar Sharma
Date and Time: 17th, 18th Mar 2007
Venue : Hosahalli
  • Messier Marathon 2007 – An endeavour to sight all 110 Messier objects in one night. A variety of instruments, both telescopes and binoculars will be used for this purpose. This is an all-night long event.
Co-ordinator(s): Amar Sharma

Outreach and public events

Date and Time: 28th January 2006
Venue : Jayanagar.
  • Sidewalk Astronomy Session. Observing sunspots, Followed by Observation of the gibbous moon.. A session intended for the general public and bystanders.
Co-ordinator(s): Atul B V

Highlights of past events

Sidewalk Astronomy Session
Date and Time: 18th Nov 2006; All night ———————————————————————–
Venue : Krishnanagar Apartments, Annasandra Palya, Off Airport Rd, Bangalore
Report : Read here
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